Road Safety

Safety is an essential value and an important part of our culture. We share the road with thousands of people across the country each day and we aim to keep these roads as safe as possible for all those who use them. In addition to complying with traffic laws and regulations, Tegma makes its contribution to road safety in a number of ways – clear and fast road information, driver training and providing the appropriate infrastructure for drivers to properly rest.

In 2007, we created the FORTE Program, aimed at development and encompassing a series of actions to improve processes.

Based on the 5 pillars described below, the FORTE program involves lectures, training guidelines, drama plays, professional development and integration opportunities;

  • Taking actions to increase safety at work and improve quality of life.
  • Making information more agile and objective.
  • Providing qualifications and training to carriers.
  • Offering adequate facilities and accommodations and improve the safety level of the yards.



The program adopts several means of communication to transmit guidelines that facilitate daily life on the road to carriers. They include disclosures about restricted or poorly maintained stretches of the highway, risk area segments, opening hours of dealerships and automakers, traffic restrictions, methods of reducing damage, speed, working hours, among others.

The news are transmitted by e-mail, Internet portal (“portal do FORTE”), bulletin board, electronic panel, newsletters or safety discussions with monitors.




Through lectures given by affiliated institutions, the program trains and qualifies our drivers in:

  • Safe driving;
  • Accident prevention measures;
  • Customer service;
  • Drugs, alcohol and STDs;
  • Speed;
  • Driver’s Law (13,103/2015);
  • Traffic legislation;


People trained
in 2020

Project Vida

Focused on one of the 5 pillars of the FORTE program, the Vida Project aims to improve quality of life and safety of service providers and third parties. Initially created to control the speed of equipment on the roads, the “Vida – Contenção de Velocidade” project proactively monitors and manages drivers’ workdays.

Goal: to reduce and make drivers aware of accidents caused by speed and excessive working hours.


The award for the Damage Reduction Project aims to encourage carriers to reduce the damage rate and to improve transit time and customer service.

Each quarter, 10 drivers are awarded for moving the most vehicles, performing well and causing no damage to the vehicles transported.

The winners receive a cash incentive, a luncheon with the company representatives and are written about in the Revista Cegonheiro magazine.

Fight Against Child Exploitation

Tegma is a partner of Childhood Brasil‘s, Na Mão Certa program, which aims to combat the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on the roads. Therefore, we promote some actions, such as:

Improve truck driver’s working conditions, include the topic in professional training and disseminate good practices.

Continuously participate in campaigns to eradicate the problem.

Establish business relationships with suppliers who are committed to the pact principles.

Inform and encourage your employees to participate in actions to solve the problem.

Support projects for the care of children and adolescents who have been victims of sexual exploitation or are vulnerable to it.

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