What are Tegma’s business divisions?

Tegma is a logistics operator that specializes in highly complex operations for industrial sectors that require a strict standard of service quality. We currently focus our operations on two main lines of business, automotive logistics and integrated logistics.

In automotive logistics, we provide transfer and distribution services for brand-new and used vehicles, port transfers, inventory management, vehicle manufacturer yard management and vehicle preparation services for sale.

In integrated logistics, we operate with two distinct operations, that of industrial logistics, operating in all stages, from the receipt of bulk products at ports or parts from suppliers to the supply of production lines. In the warehousing operation, we perform entry planning, handling and sorting, picking, sorting and order preparation and shipping services, all through our warehouses that add up to 27,000 m² in the city of Barueri in São Paulo and in the city of Pavuna, in Rio de Janeiro.

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