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Automotive Logistics Division

Vehicle Transportation

Our performance begins with the collection of vehicles brand new vehicles in OEMs or ports, which are transported by trucks “storks” ‘owned by Tegma or outsourced, to our consolidator’s yards, where the routing of travel is carried out, and dispatch to 650 dealerships nationwide. In this case, in addition to the efficiency in the transit time (time required to deliver the vehicle to the dealerships, time measured by days), the load preservation factor is of most importance, which is why we invest in analysis of processes in order to minimize the occurrence of malfunctions.

Our services include the planning of all freight transport steps, so that we get optimized routes, based on the distance to be travelled, transit time, equipment availability and maximizing loading loads. In addition, we have software which simulates routes, that create routes load considering the FIFO of the vehicles, better position of the different types of vehicles in the carts, yard control time and total time of the trip (transit time), among other services. The loads are monitored in real time during their displacement, and allows the performance of a preventive follow – up in order to avoid delays in delivery. In addition, the customer can carry out direct monitoring through tool made available on our website.

Yard Management and vehicle storage

Yard management corresponds to the service of managing vehicles that have just been produced or imported. In these cases, we use areas near the factories or ports that arrive to behave 8,000 vehicles. For the management of stocks and vehicle distribution centers, we have operating systems that help us to monitor the stocks of vehicles in the courtyards, systems interconnected via internet, allowing the customer to do the Real – Time monitoring of all process steps. The level of damage in the yards is extremely important and controlled by indicators in an accurate manner.

In yards around Brazil and usually near to the assemblers/ports, we also carry out the storage services of the vehicles produced and not billed to our customers.

PDI (Pre-Delivery-Inspection)

In the automotive service centers, we perform the PDI services that correspond to the installation of accessories (radios, glass and electric latches, film in the glass, adhesive, among others) and the brand new vehicles delivery inspection (PDI – Pre Delivery Inspection) according to the model and information received from clients, storage and final delivery services (on own and customer installations).

Integrated Logistics Division


The scope of Tegma´s storage services includes the entry planning, handling and separation, picking or separation and preparation of orders and dispatch, all while monitoring through performance indicators. Other activities encompass reverse logistics, cross – docking (distribution system in which the merchandise received, in a warehouse or distribution center, is not stocked, however immediately prepared for loading of the delivery), inspection of goods, tracking or tracing the request in real time, monitoring of cyclical and general inventories. Assembly of kits in general, management parts and installation of equipment.

The services are carried out in warehouses equipped and automated with safety structure and all the requirements by intervening bodies, among them ANVISA – National Health Surveillance Agency.

In addition, we perform operations on the client premises (in house), planning and managing the entire flow of products from receipt to delivery to final customers.

Tegma is responsible for managing the logistics of customers, through management tools (WMS – Warehouse management system and TMS – Transportation management system), which allows our customers to have access to the status of their goods from their tickets to the warehouses.


In the industrial logistics operation, Tegma works throughout the entire management of the logistics stage, which encompasses everything from the receipt of products from the port or from suppliers to supply customer’s production lines.

In industrial logistics for the chemical segment, the Company offers services such as port unload operation, storage, transportation, handling of solid and liquid bulk and finished products and inbound raw material operations. These are critical operations for the industries served, which require extremely efficient and precise logistics to cope with the delivery volumes and frequency. For instance, raw material transfer and storage operations are carried out 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the Company handling more than 1 million tonnes per year.

In industrial logistics for the home appliance segment, the company offers services such as transporting collections from suppliers, consolidation and transfer to industrial plants (Milk Run), management and control of packaging for parts (specification, acquisition, planning, handling, maintenance, fiscal and inventory control) and production lines supply.



+1,700 in 11 states

$ Financial 2020

Gross Revenues – R$ 1.3 billion

EBITDA – R$ 162 million

Net income – R$ 74 million

$ Financial 2019

Gross Revenues – R$ 1.6 billion

EBITDA – R$ 250 million

Net income – R$ 193 million


~ 560,00 vehicles transported in 2020 (1.2 million maximum in 2012)

Transport capacity of 1.0 million tons of sulfate and soda ash per year


Automotive Logistics

1,450 autohaulers (93% outsourced)

Integrated Logistic

Industrial Logistic

65 carts

82 registered third-party truckers