Provide integrated, innovative and sustainable logistics solutions.


Be the best among the largest logistics providers in Latin America and become reference as:

  • An attractive investment
  • Strategic Solutions Provider
  • Company of highest operational excellence
  • Citizen, social and environmentally responsible
  • Company to work for, which retains and attracts the best professionals


  • Valuing people
  • Ethics and transparency
  • Simplicity
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Commitment

Market Opportunity

Tegma seeks the logistics outsourcing market in Brazil. We have always been advocates that customers should focus on their main activities and that the logistics activity both outbound and inbound (sometimes internal) must be carried out by specialized companies to generate gains for the entire customers´ production chain, including suppliers and customers.


The logistics consists of several essential steps for the efficient operation of the process. Tegma seeks to enter in the most critical stages of these processes, in order to offer gains for the entire production chain of its customers and this, create a bond / partnership capable of sustaining for a long time. These partnerships are in a win – win character, because our customers have cost and inventory reduction in their processes (as well as their suppliers) and Tegma manages to remunerate their investments appropriately, thus creating a virtuous circle that expands our opportunities.


Tegma believes that in order to achieve excellence in a sector as fragmented as logistics in Brazil, it is necessary to invest in innovation, governance and sustainability. For this, we rely mainly on a staff with the determination that innovation is in the company´s DNA to always be able to offer a solution that increases the productivity of costumers and that perpetuate the relationship with the customer. We have recently created a startup accelerator (TegUP) to enhance and further enhance this vocation of Tegma. The prizes we have received from customers and magazines since 2017 make us want to conquer always more. Another critical point for Tegma is governance, in which we have a compliance structure far beyond that required by the new market segment of B3, where we are inserted. We believe that the reliability that is achieved with this control framework becomes an important differential. Lastly, the sustainability of our operations is more than essential for our proper insertion in society, through control of the emissions of the trucks we use to carry out deliveries contracted by us, use of solar energy in some of the operations, as well as the reuse of rainwater in operations that demand a lot of water.