Who We Are


In 1969, Tegma was founded as Transportadora Sinimbu, which was the street´s name that the company started its operations in São Cristóvão, Rio de Janeiro. Fernando Schettino and Francisco Creso founded the company that was originally responsible for carrying meat. In 1971, after commercial negotiations the Company started to carry General Motors´ vehicles from fabrics located in São Caetano do Sul-SP to Rio de Janeiro-RJ and Niteroi-RJ. The expansion of the vehicle carrier business was exponential and it became the main business of the company in a short period, alongside with the acquisition of others companies and the conquest of new customers. After 50 years, the Company was consolidated as one of the main vehicle logistics operator of the country.

Tegma operates in logistics of brand-new vehicles for mostly all automakers in the country and the main importers. The performance of Tegma involves the collection of vehicles in the fabric or in the port, the management of automakers ´yards, storage of vehicles not invoiced, services of PDI (Pre – Delivery Inspection) and the transportation of vehicles to the dealerships or ports. The 50 years plus know – how and a comprehensive control based on a tracking technological system, exact location of vehicle by its´ registration number in yards containing over 8.000 vehicles and a KPI oriented process (GEROT – Routine Management) are our greatest competitive advantages. Our business model is not based on assets. We mostly use rented assets or we hire third parties for the operations.

In 2012, Tegma distributed 1.2 million vehicles using yards all over the country that all together add up to 1.7 million sq² and 1.400 transportation equipment’s, mostly all of them being owned by longtime partners.

The company is listed since July 2007 in B3 (Bovespa) in the highest governance category, Novo Mercado. From the IPO on, the operations of integrated logistics was incorporated to our portfolio and today is recognized as an important logistic operator for industrial/inbound logistics operations and storage of consumer goods in Brazil. In industrial logistics operation, Tegma provides services to industries of home ´n personal care and glassware, carrying liquid and solid bulk raw material to its factories and also to home-appliances assembling units, managing the flow of parts. The warehouse operation provides inventory management, labelling, separation of orders for different customers. The services are provided for sectors such as consumer goods, foodstuffs, among others.

In addition to the brand-new vehicle transport operations and Integrated Logistics, Tegma has other initiatives aimed at business diversification. The company operates in the transport of pre-owned vehicles through its business unit called Fastline, and has a startup accelerator called TegUP that seeks to identify and develop Startups, through investment or commercial partnerships, to promote and cultivate innovation and technology. Among the startups invested in by TegUP, Rabbot stands out, a collaborative platform for managing and orchestrating fleet and supply chain operations for transport companies, industries and rental companies. Finally, Tegma is part of a Joint Venture called GDL in the state of Espírito Santo, which aims to provide general and bonded warehousing services.