Privacy policy

This Privacy Notice and use of Cookies (“Notice”) is intended for the understanding of WHAT PERSONAL DATA IS COLLECTED, for which REASON THEY ARE COLLECTED, if they are SHARED and WITH WHOM. In addition, this Notice is intended to INFORM RIGHTS relating to such information and HOW TO EXERCISE THEM with Tegma Gestão Logística S.A. and all companies in its economic group (“Tegma” / “Company”).


Whenever Tegma’s services are contracted, access to the website, application for a vacancy, or the execution of a contract, the Company is entrusted with a great deal of information from the Holder. This information is processed with transparency and security by the Company.

In case of doubts, Tegma provides an appropriate contact channel, mentioned in item 10 of this Notice.

1. Glossary

If you have any questions about the terms used in this Notice, we suggest consulting the definitions below:

1) Consent: Free, informed, and unequivocal manifestation fromHOLDER which authorizes the processing of your personal data for a specific purpose.

2) Cookies: Cookies are files or information that can be stored on devices when accessing websites or when using online services. This is a normal practice of using the internet. Its purpose is to help the website to record information about the visit, such as the selected language, for example. Thus, future visits to websites can provide a more agile and useful navigation for those who access its content.

3) Holder (or Data Subject): Individual to whom the personal data being processed refers to, such as customers, employees, service providers.

4) Personal Data: Any information related to an identified or identifiable individual, directly or indirectly.

5) Person Responsible for Processing Personal Data: person appointed by Tegma to be responsible for ensuring compliance with the Holder’s rights and clarifying doubts about the treatment of his / her personal data.

6) Processing: All operation involving personal data, such as those related to collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, filing, storage, destruction, evaluation or control of information, change, communication, transfer, dissemination, or extraction.

7) Purpose: Reason for which the personal data will be processed, or objective that is intended to be achieved with the processing of the data.

8) Third Party: Refers to, but is not limited to, any and all natural or legal persons, that Tegma relates to or will relate to, as a service provider, supplier, consultant, customer, business partner, contracted or subcontracted third party, lessee, assignee of commercial space, regardless of formal contract or not, including one that uses the name of Tegma for any purpose or that provides services, provides materials, interacts with public officials, with the government or with other third parties on behalf of the Company.

2. What information is processed?

Tegma can use the data directly provided by the Holder.
It is possible to collect data automatically through electronic devices (IP address, geolocation, date and time, device type).

3. How personal data is collected?

The personal data that Tegma has may have been obtained directly by the Holder, by third parties, or collected automatically. It is also possible to collect some data that are publicly available.

• Information provided directly by the Holder

During Holder’s relationship with the Company, whether in contact through any channel made available on the website, or when contracting one of the services offered by Tegma, or even through supplier registration, the Holder shares personal data, which is used only for the informed purposes.

• Information obtained through Third Parties

Some third parties share your data with us, such as healthcare companies and financial benefit partners.

Automatically collected information

In some situations, Tegma may collect data automatically from the devices used by the Holder to access the company’s website. As a rule, the data collected automatically refers to IP address, date and time of use, device type, IMEI (unique identification number), among other technical navigation data. The collection of this information ensures a better understanding of the use of Tegma’s online platforms by the Holder. Some of this data can be collected through Cookies or similar technology, as explained in this document.

• Publicly available information

Tegma also collects information made publicly available by the Holder, including, but not limited to, the confirmation of invalid addresses and email addresses.

4. How is the information used?

Tegma may use the data provided by the Holder to:

• Fulfill the purpose informed at the time of collection

It is possible to use the identification data provided by the Holder and contact, to allow the compliance of the executed contract, making it possible, for example, to respond to the contact made on the website.

• Comply with legal or regulatory obligations

The Holder’s personal data may be used by Tegma, to comply with obligations, set forth by law, regulations by government agencies, tax authorities, Judiciary and/or other competent authority. This processing may include identification data, personal documents, and bank details, for example, when sending mandatory communications to the IRS.

• Allow regular exercise of rights

Even after the termination of contractual relationship, Tegma may process some Holder’s personal data, to exercise rights guaranteed by law, including as evidence in legal, administrative, or arbitration proceedings.

• Make the activities necessary for the operation feasible

Tegma will also be able to process the Holder’s data for legitimate purposes involving the continuity of its operations, always observing the limits of expectation and never to the detriment of interests, fundamental rights, and freedoms of the Holder.

• Promote activities and expand offers for the sale of products and services

Additionally, Tegma may use the Holder’s contact information to send advertising communications, news, offers, and promotions that are of Company’s interest

If there is no interest in receiving publicity information from the Company, it is possible to contact them by email, expressing your willingness for us to end such treatment.

Avoid fraud and ensure the security of Holders

Eventually, when strictly necessary, Tegma will be able to process the data of Holders to prove their identity, to prevent fraud.

5. How cookies are used?

Tegma uses the cookies, for example, to identify the number of visits to the website, enabling agile and secure access.

For a better understanding of the types of Cookies used by the Company, please see the table below:


6. With whom is the data shared?

Tegma shares personal data with government agencies, judiciary, business partners, service providers and/or infrastructure providers, among others.

In addition, sharing of personal data may occur in the case of corporate transactions, as part of negotiations, or any stage of a purchase, merger, or partial or total acquisition of Tegma.

Any sharing of personal data will only occur for the fulfillment of a specific purpose.

Tegma uses contractual instruments and audits to ensure that any third party that receives personal data ensures adequate protection.

It is possible that we transfer your data outside of Brazil, at which time we will make sure that this transfer takes place only for countries that have a degree of security similar to that provided for by Brazilian law, or when the National Personal Data Protection Authority so authorizes.

7. How does Tegma keep personal data safe?

Tegma has internal policies and procedures that determine how the Holders’ personal data should be treated by the Company. These internal rules aim to ensure that the Holder’s data is processed appropriately and in compliance with the legislation.

In this context, Tegma adopts technical measures capable of keeping the Holders’ personal data safe and protected from unauthorized access and from accidental or unlawful situations of destruction, loss, change, communication, or any other form of improper or unlawful treatment, always in the light of applicable data protection and information security rules.

As an example of some adopted measures, there is:

a) Protection against unauthorized access to your systems;
b) Arrangements so that any employees or business partners who undertake the processing of your data undertake to observe the applicable legislation and adopt the best practices for handling this information;

8. What are the Rights of Personal Data Holder, and how to exercise them?

The Holder has the following rights regarding his/her personal data:

  • Find out if Tegma treats any personal data about you.
  • Know which personal data is processed by Tegma.
  • Correct incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data, by means required by specific regulations, whenever necessary.
  • Request the anonymization, blocking, or elimination of unnecessary, excessive data, or data that may have been processed in breach of the law.
  • Request data portability from another service or product provider, if expressly made.
  • Request the deletion of data processed with your consent.
  • Obtain information about the public or private entities with which your data is shared.
  • When the treatment activity requires consent, the Holder may refuse to consent. In this case, Tegma will inform you about the consequences of not carrying out such activity.
  • When the processing activity requires the consent from the Holder, at any time he/she may revoke it.

The Holder may exercise part of such rights by sending a request to the email:

9. Update of Privacy Notice and Use of Cookies

This Notice may be changed at any time, to guarantee the Company’s commitment to maximum transparency under the General Law on the Protection of Personal Data (Law n. 13,709/2018 – Provides for the protection of personal data and changes Law n. 12,965/2014 (Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet).

10. Contact and Questions

In case of doubts, the Data Privacy area is available for clarification by email: The person in charge of Processing Personal Data in the Company is Mr. Francisco de Carvalho Delmondes, who can clarify any doubts related to the processing of personal data.

If necessary, contact with the National Data Protection Authority, the body responsible for regulating and supervising the processing of personal data, must be made through the website