Our History

1969 – We started our transport operations in 1969 as Transportadora Sinimbu LTDA

1998 – From the unification of the logistics operations of Sinimbu with two other traditional Brazilian companies of transport, Schlatter and Transfer, and also the entrance of Axis do Brasil, whose shareholders were the Grupo Coimex and Allied Holdings (largest logistic operator of Outbound Transport of the United States of America), we are operating under the social name of Axis Sinimbu Logística Automotiva S.A.

2001 – We acquired Translor Veículos LTDA., pioneer in the transport of vehicles 0km in Brazil

2002 – We changed our social name to Tegma Gestão Logística Ltda., as result of the acquisition of the participation held by the Grupo Itavema – Sinimbu

2004 – We acquired 49% of the shares of Catlog, Renault and Nissan´s unique logistics provider in Brazil

2007 – We carried out our IPO in the São Paulo stock exchange, and we also acquired Tegma Cargas Especiais Ltda, P.D.I. Ltda and Tegma Logística Integrada S.A. (formerly CLI) and we created Tegma Venezuela S.A.

2008 – We acquired the vehicle transport business operated by CVT, which presents strong performance in the Midwest and Northern regions of Brazil

2011 – We acquired the control of the integrated Direct Express Logística Integrada S.A., a company responsible for B2B and B2C deliveries with strong presence in the E-Commerce market

2012 – We acquired the Business operated by LTD Transportes Ltda., through the acquisition of 100% of Trans Commerce Transportes de Cargas Ltda, focused on the fractional logistics market, especially in the distribution of goods weighing above 30 Kg

2014 – We sold Direct Express to the company controlled by B2W – Companhia Digital, 8m Participações Ltda

2017 – It was approved by the administration to dispose of the 25% stake in the jointly controlled Tegma Venezuela S.A.

2018 – it was celebrated the creation of the GDL Gestão de Desenvolvimento em Logística Participações S.A., a joint venture that congregate the activities of storage and movement of goods in general developed in Cariacica – ES by Tegma Logística Integrada and by Companhia de Transportes e Armazéns Gerais (SILOTEC)