Tegma has always striven for excellence in all of its areas of activity and has fortunately managed to make important achievements in recent years. This success inherently depends on the focus on subjects that matter for the future generations and on business sustainability. Despite their recent treatment under the ESG banner, issues related to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and governance have always been seriously considered by Tegma, since they are inherently present in discussions with clients for contract renewals and in interactions with investors.

One of our focuses is to continuously improve fuel savings in our fleet and to seek the energy efficiency in our facilities, reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing the use of resources. The constant renewal of the equipment fleet we use and the strict control of emissions produced by said equipment are part of a strict procedure meant to mitigate the impacts of our activities on the environment. Tegma is dedicated to preventing incidents, as it knows that it shares the roads with thousands of people each day. In our facilities, we also have energy saving practices in place and a phased update for LED lighting.

Tegma’s management aims to have the company behave in an ethical, safe and protected manner, increasingly benefiting employees, society, the economy and the environment.

We will always seek continuous improvements in issues related to the impacts of our activity on our surroundings and how to improve the lives of employees and those close to us.

Marcos Medeiros, CEO

Road Safety


Safety is an essential value and an important part of our culture. We share roads with thousands of people across the country each day. We aim to keep these roads as safe as possible for all those who use them. In addition to complying with laws and regulations, Tegma makes its contribution to road safety in several ways.

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Commitments to the


At Tegma, we strive to make decisions that have a positive impact on the environment. The most important measures include fleet modernization for more efficient engines and to control equipment smoke emissions, aiming at reducing the emission of pollutants, as well as the implementation of new technologies for truck washing.

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Corporate Governance


Tegma has corporate governance, which in addition to encompassing control and planning, entails looking at the Company’s past and future.

Tegma’s corporate governance provides its stakeholders with all information and data, in a clear manner, so that they can easily assess our performance and verify its alignment with growth strategies.

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Social Responsibility


Tegma works as a socioeconomic and environmental development agent in the communities in which it operates, supporting multiple initiatives related to education, culture, health, sports and the elderly support. The company carries out actions aimed at promoting social well-being and improving quality of life for society.

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