Corporate profile

Tegma Gestão Logística provides logistics, distribution and transport services for the automotive sector in Brazil.

– The main activities involving new automobiles consist of road transport since the automaker or the port facilities throughout the country, the automakers yard and inventories management, online tracking and PDI (pre-delivery-inspection) which consists of the pre sale preparation of the vehicle.

– Tegma works virtually all automakers in the country and importers, handled a total of 0.754 million units in 2017 (78% market share in Brazil), for an average distance of 946 kilometers.

– Tegma is an “asset light” business, in which 90% of the 1,300 car haul rigs that are utilized is outsourced, but dedicated to the company. Additionally Tegma holds some of the yards near the automakers sed for consolidating the vehicles handled.

The company also provides logistics services for the consumer goods industry, through its inbound operations which are responsible for the production line logistics and through the warehouse operation, responsible for inventory management services and distribution of durable goods, nondurable.


Leadership in logistics vehicles

Flexible cost structure

Resilient cash generation

High dividend payment history

Broad geographic capabilities

Strength of the automotive sector in Brazil

Potential for business growth


Tegma is strategically located with terminals close to production and distribution centers

Yards – Vehicle Logistics 21
Warehouses – Consumption goods 3
Industrial logistics 6
TOTAL 21 9