TegUp is a startup accelerator created to be the open innovation arm of Tegma Logistics Management. Pioneering this segment, TegUp seeks startups and transforming technology companies that offer products, services and technology related to the logistics universe, present high evolution potential and need some kind of support to accelerate their growth.



Find and accelerate the best technology startups in the logistics area in Brazil.



Valuing people, ethics, transparency, simplicity, sense of urgency and commitment.



Identify transforming projects that have already surpassed the initial stage of business proposition and that require corporate support to accelerate their growth in a sustainable way.


Realized Investments:

After selection and evaluation, the company was identified in the initial stage of Operation (startup) called “Frete Rápido Desenvolvimento de Tecnologia Logistica S.A.”, which is developing a solution based on web platform and interface of application programming (API) called “Frete Rapido” (“Fast shipping”). The value of the investment was R$ 1.4 million by 20%.






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