Notice to Shareholders – Dividends and Legal Reserve

Notice to Shareholders – Dividends and Legal Reserve

We announce to the Shareholders that:

  1. during the Annual General Meeting (“ AGM”) held on April 23, 2008, shareholders unanimously resolved that from the Company’s income as ofnet December 31, 2007, in the amount of R$44,274,582.68, R$2,213,779.13 would be allocated to the Legal Reserve and R$42,060,803.55 would be paid to shareholders as dividends;
  2. in view of interim dividend payment resolved by the Board of Directors of the Company prior to the AGM, the balance of dividends to be paid was R$6,060,803.55;
  3. notwithstanding, an AGM Minutes were found to be erroneously considering that each share of the Company, taking into consideration the share ownership as of April 23, 2008, the amount of R$0.0884142705 was considered instead of the correct amount per share of R$0.0893363038.

Payment of such dividends will be made on May 5, 2008.

São Bernardo do Campo, April 28, 2008
Gennaro Oddone Investor Relations Officer

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