Pioneer Startups Accelerator, tegUP looks for the best Logistics Startups to invest

Pioneer Startups Accelerator, tegUP looks for the best Logistics Startups to invest
Tegma Gestão Logística, the leader in the transport of brand new vehicles in Brazil and one of the main companies in logistics segment, launches tegUP, a corporate venture capital that looks for the best technology startups in the logistics segment. Starting June 1st, entrepreneurs interested in taking part in the selection process can now register at, where there are more details on the regulation.
tegUP is a pioneer in this type of initiative in the Brazilian logistics segment. The acceleration program will give preference to companies with a high potential for development, either as transformers or innovators, and that have already gone through the initial stage of business to obtain investments. Tegma, the creator of the project, believes that it can add value to the participants through its experience, expertise and networking. The startups selected will have optional space for co-working, coaching, mentoring and management support.
Pedro Neves, CIO at Tegma, talks about the initiative. “At Tegma, we have the dual challenge of sustaining very critical operations as a logistics operator and, at the same time, provide solutions for disruptive initiatives, and innovations that are present within the digital world. tegUP will allow us to broaden this dual and convergent manner of operate”.
tegUP is the open innovation branch of Tegma, which has expanded its focus and investments in Technology to take advantage of the transformation that is happening in the Brazilian logistics market.
“The digital and shared economy is generating countless business opportunities, breaking the paradigms and preconceived concepts of traditional management. We will define a new era at Tegma, bringing innovative initiatives that will produce more operational efficiency and flexibility to overcome the challenges that have already been set in the Brazilian environment.”, says Gennaro Oddone, CEO.
About Tegma
With 48 years of experience, Tegma Gestão Logística is one of the leading logistics companies in Brazil and one of the few in the sector that are listed on B3, in the Novo Mercado segment. It specializes in complex and highly critical operations, offering a complete range of services focused on logistics management, transportation and warehousing. The company serves several industries, such as: automotive, telecommunications, consumer goods and chemicals, among others.