TEGMA transports 272.0 brand new vehicles in 1Q10, 23.6% more than in 1Q09

São Bernardo do Campo, April 14, 2010 – TEGMA GESTÃO LOGÍSTICA S.A. (BM&F Bovespa: TGMA3), one of the largest logistics management providers in Brazil and leader in the transportation of brand new vehicles for the automobile industry, hereby informs its shareholders and other market players of its key operating indicators in the vehicle transport segment.

In 1Q10, TEGMA transported 272,022 brand new vehicles, a 23.6% increase over the same period last year.

Average distance in 1Q10 came to 929 km per vehicle, 5.2% lower than in 1Q09 mainly due to the increase in exports, which have smaller average distances.

1Q10 1Q09 CHG(%)
Number of Vehicle Transported 272,022 220,060 23.6%
Domest+Imports 239,848 204,204 17.5%
Export 32,174 15,856 102.9%
Average Km per Vehicles Transported 929 980 -5.2%
Domest+Imports 1,040 1,048 -0.7%
Export 103 100 2.6%

IR Contacts:

Alexandre Augusto Brandão, (11) 4346-2532, alexandre.brandao@tegma.com.br

Hugo Zierth, (11) 4397-9370, hugo.zierth@tegma.com.br

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