Tegma wins the 2017 REI Automotive Business Award

Tegma wins the 2017 REI Automotive Business Award

Tegma won the REI (Recognition for Excellence and Innovation) Award in the Logistics category, promoted by Automotive Business magazine, a reference in business and relationship in the automotive industry.

The prize was disputed with Tegma by companies such as Delphi, Ford and Scania, which publicized their initiatives with a focus on efficiency and innovation in logistics operations focused on the automotive market.

Tegma was awarded by a cargo routing project in the transportation of brand new vehicles. The solution created by the company is a software that brings greater agility in the vehicles load scheduling and standardization and with the automatic printing of the mandatory trip delivery documents.

Among the winning companies in other categories, Hyundai was the best assembler or best innovation and technology solutions (chosen as the company of the year), Mercedes-Benz, Bosch and Toyota.

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