Tegma´s Q4 2016 results

Tegma´s Q4 2016 results
Tegma Gestao Logistica S.A., one of the largest logistic providers in Brazil and the leader in logistics for brand new vehicles in Brazil, hereby presents its Q4 2016 results.
•    Tegma transported 197,000 vehicles in 4Q16, a 11% growth vs 3Q16 and a 2% decrease vs 4Q15 due to a slight recovery in confidence in comparison with the beginning of 2016
•    Tegma’s net revenue in 4Q16 was R$ 255 million, 11% less than 4Q15, driven by the decrease in the number of vehicles transported and in the average distance, additionally to discontinuation of operations
•    2016 free cash flow was R$ 53 million, +49% vs 2015 as a result of costs and expenses, reduction in investments and working capital management
•    Tegma’s EBITDA in 4Q16 was R$ 32 million, 0.7 p.p. higher margin vs 4Q15 and R$ 89 million in 2016, a 0.8 p.p higher margin vs 2015
•    The company’s net debt on December 30th 2016 was R$ 99 million (1.1 x EBITDA of the last 12 months), R$ 53 million lower vs s 2015
•    Tegma’s net income was R$ 13 million in 4Q16 and R$ 14 million in 2014, +39% vs 2015
•    Manageable spendings in 4Q16 totaled R$ 64 million, 18% lower than 4Q15 and R$ 269 million in 2016, 16% lower vs 2015
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