Our Governance

Tegma Governance Spheres

Tegma has corporate governance, which in addition to encompassing control and planning, entails looking at the Company’s past and future.

Tegma’s corporate governance provides its stakeholders with all information and data, in a clear manner, so that they can easily assess our performance and verify its alignment with growth strategies.

The Board of Directors, of course, is aware of the entire Company, but the various governance bodies created by Tegma allow this collegiate deliberative body to focus its attention on planning the Company’s future.

Our governance aims to increase control over our activities and uses the Code of Ethics and Conduct as one of its supporting tools, which is widely publicized in order to express and restate our business behavior.

Board of Directors Audit Committee Management,
People and Governance Committee
Fiscal Committee Administration
Murilo Cesar Lemos Passos
Mário Sérgio Moreira Franco
Orlando Machado Júnior
Fernando Luiz Schettino Moreira
Evandro Luiz Coser
Décio Carbonari de Almeida
Marcos Antonio Leite de Medeiros
Ramón Pérez Arias Filho
Tarcísio Francisco Felisardo
Mauro Stacchini Jr.
Rubens Barletta
Marco Tulio Clivati Padilha
Marcio José Ferreira
Vanessa Claro Lopes
Mário Bardella Júnior
  • Independent member
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Appointed by Minority Shareholders

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Governance Factsheet

Board of Directors
Fiscal Council
Audit Committee
Management, People and Governance Committee
Governance practices, codes and policies
Accounting and compliance
Shareholders' Rights