Company start-up

Start of vehicle logistics operation, as transportadora Sinimb

merger Axis of Brasil

The merger with Axis of Brazil (Coimex adn Allied Holdings) allows the first expansion of activities in the sector. The product of the merger was the company Axis Sinimbu Logística Automotiva SA

Incorporation - Sclatter e Transfer

Schlatter e da Transfer – national companies with tradition in transportation and logistics.

Acquisition - Translor

The company acquires Translor Veicles, Ryder Brazil outbound division.

Allied stake acquisition

A Coimex e a Sinimbu acquire the interest held by Allied Holdings and the Company adopt the corporate name Tegma Gestao Logistica AS

Acquisition - Catlog(49%)

Catlog – logistic provider of Renault and Nissan in Brazil. Tegma acquired a 49% stake in Catlog, whose majority shareholder CatGroup, the global logistics provider of Renault and Nissan. Thus Tegma, Tegma assumes the management of catalog.


The company, previously a limited company, was transformed into a corporation and went public in the  São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa), in the category Novo Mercado, the highest level of corporate governance.

Acquisition - Boni/GATX

Boni/Gatx – specialized in logistics for the sectors? chemical and petrochemical, home and personal care, pulp and paper, orange juice, fuel and chield refrigerated products.

Acquisition - Coimex Logística Integrada (CLI) and PDI Comércio, Indústria e Serviços Ltda

CLI – company with warehouse solutions (including solutions), consolidation and distribution of goods for various industries | PDI – offers pre delivery inspection services, accessories instalation and small damages repair for brand new vehicles that are kept in inventories by CLI in Vitoria bonded warehouse.

Acquisition of CTV (cooperativa de transporte de veículos) business- nortev

Nortev – a company with broad participation and experience in the logistics market for new vehicles. With this acquisition, the Company cosolidates its the logistics of new vehicles.

Acquisition - Direct Express

Direct Express – specialized in the distribution of small volume market (last time), with broad participation in e-commerce market.

Acquisition of LTD Transporte Business - transcommerce

LTD Transporte – specialized in the distribution of large and heavy volume market (last mile), with broad participation in e-commerce market.

sale - Direct Express

The company decides for the sale of Direct express.