Investor relations Iniciatives

Tegma and the IR team are pleased to announce improvements in communication and transparency that we believe are important for investors, analysts and the market in general.

Reference Form in Word: We know how complex it can be to navigate such a large document that is constantly changing. To improve visibility, we made avaliable the 2020 version in Word, with more accessible tables, with the navigation panel to facilitate access to the 21 chapters and 200 pages and with change marks for all restatements. We hope it helps! Click here to access the document.

Quick analysis worksheet tab: we are proud to provide one of the most complete historical series of the market. However, we are aware that it can be tiring to go through so many tabs to understand what happened to the market, to operational metrics, balance sheet and result indicators. Thus, we created a quick analysis worksheet tab in the Excel file, with the main numbers. But be sure to review the other tabs for further analysis! Click here to access the file.

Update feed: in order to facilitate the monitoring and understanding of the deliberations recorded in the board of directors’ meeting minutes, which are filed in .pdf, we created an Update Feed section on the our website, in which we will include the deliberations of the minutes (the information that really matters) with comments from the Management, when necessary. We will also update in this feed the forms “Statement of changes in beneficial ownership of securities” and the reasons for re-submission of various documents. Click here to access the Updates Feed.

IR YouTube Channel: with the significant increase in virtual interviews, we decided to create a YouTube channel to compile the events held, thus facilitating access for all interested. We will also compile the result calls and make them available. Click here to access the channel.

Valuation guide update: due to the changes coming from the implementation of IFRS 16, the premises for creating a valuation were somewhat undefined for a while. Because of that, it took us a while to update our valuation guide. But the file is already updated!

We hope that these initiatives will improve Tegma’s information to the market!

São Bernardo do Campo, July 16, 2020.

Ramón Pérez Arias Filho
CFO and Investor Relations Officer

IR Contacts:

Ian Nunes, (11) 4397-9423,

William Santos, (11) 4397-9399,