Material Fact

Material Fact
TEGMA GESTÃO LOGÍSTICA SA (“Tegma” or “Company”), in accordance with article 157, paragraph 4, of Law 6,404 / 1976 and CVM Instruction No. 358/2002, as amended, hereby informs its shareholders and the Market, that in September 19th, entered into an Association Agreement with BCDF e JR Participações S.A. (“Holding Silotec”) and GDL Gestão de Desenvolvimento em Logística SA (“GDL”) for the creation of a joint venture that will bring together the storage and handling of general goods  to be developed in Cariacica, state of Espirito Santo, within Tegma Logística Integrada (“TLI”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tegma, and Companhia de Transportes e Armazéns Gerais “Silotec”, a wholly owned subsidiary of Holding Silotec.
GDL will be the joint venture’s vehicle, holding 100% of the shares of TLI and Silotec, and will have its share capital equally divided between Tegma and Holding Silotec.
The Association Agreement provides closing conditions for the implementation of the joint venture, which must be complied by the end of this year.
The signature of the Association Agreement was approved by Tegma’s Board of Directors at a meeting held on 9/19/2017.
GDL will have over 60,000 square meters of covered warehouses and approximately 220,000 square meters of yards, with estimated annual revenues of around R$45 million. This operation will allow the capture of synergies in the local operation of the warehousing and logistics activities, resulting in a more competitive and lean company, prepared to face the competition in more advantageous conditions.
GDL will be specialized in general warehousing operations, working on the development of innovative solutions to serve clients with excellence in their logistics operations. Among the services provided are: general and bonded warehousing, including vehicles, shipment, transportation services, industrialization and assembly of kits, among others.
The Company’s storage and logistics activities in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are not part of this operation and will continue to be conducted only by Tegma.
São Bernardo do Campo, September 19th of 2017.
Gennaro Oddone
Chief Executive and Investor Relations Officer
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