Notice to the market – COVID-19 Action Plan

Tegma Gestão Logística SA (“Tegma” or “Company”) communicates to its shareholders, investors and the market in general that, since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID 19) in Brazil, it keeps close and daily monitoring of the impacts of this event in its operations.

Several measures and protocols have been adopted in order to preserve the integrity, health and safety of all its employees, both in the administrative and operational context, in addition to determining contingency plans to support their operations. The Company’s communication channels with its employees have been used to raise awareness about the necessary precautions to avoid contagion and transmission of the virus. To date, no employee has been tested positively for infection in their units.

The current scenario imposes on our businesses, in all divisions, the risk of interruption, as a consequence of a possible discontinuity in the operations of our customers (vehicle manufacturers, home-appliance manufacturers, industrial plants, producers of consumer goods and others), for lack of parts, domestic or imported inputs or final products.

Our contingency plans involve several fronts of action: (1) implementation of the remote working regime in the most generalized way possible, (2) follow-up of symptomatic cases by an occupational physician for immediate measures (in accordance with the guidelines of the authorities) of referral of each case, (3) review and eventual suspension of any cash disbursement, even if budgeted, which is not essential for continuity of operations [CAPEX, employee promotions, expenses and costs], (4) contingency plans to make in the face of eventual production stoppages by customers, such as the anticipation of vacation of operational employees.

Due to the high volatility of the exchange rate recently, it is worth mentioning that we do not have any foreign exchange exposure and that the company enjoys adequate flexibility and financial capacity to face possible impacts on its cash flow.

Thus, Tegma reiterates its commitment to the safety and health of its employees and third parties, and will keep the market and its shareholders duly informed about any supervening event related to COVID 19.

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São Bernardo do Campo, March 19, 2020.

Ramón Pérez Arias Filho

CFO and Investor Relations Officer


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