Notice to the market – Relevant contracts renewal

Tegma Gestão Logística S.A. (“Tegma” or “Company”) announces to its shareholders, investors and the market in general that it has renewed two important contracts of the Integrated Logistics Division.

Tegma renewed for another five years (2020-2025) the contract with the main Integrated Logistics customer for the Home Appliances sector, for which we have been performing the integrated management of supply chain of their pieces and parts since 2014. The customer is a multinational company that has been in Brazil for 96 years and it is present in more than 150 countries, besides being one of the world leaders in the home appliances manufacturing.

The services comprise the full control of the packages used for handling the pieces and parts until their assembly lines, coming from suppliers located in several cities in the South and Southeast regions of the country. The project involves the service for two industrial plants and ranges from the packages acquisition, maintenance and inventory control until the transport management. In addition, we operate two warehouses for consolidation of parts. The renewal also involves an important challenge of improving the 300,000 packages control through a technology that will be implemented by Tegma. The packages will receive an electronic label and their status will be monitored through a large pool of electronic portals installed at various points of the collection and delivery network.

Tegma also extended for one more year (from 2021 to 2022) the contract of the most important customer of the Integrated Logistics Division for the Chemical sector. In this case, we are the responsible for managing the transport flows of raw materials supply for an industrial plant. This operation is working for them for more than 20 years and it has been operated directly by Tegma for 14 years. The operation involves, mostly, the logistics management of up to one million tons per year of non-hazardous dry chemicals that are imported in bulk, between the region of Santos and the countryside of São Paulo. The customer is a multinational company that has been in Brazil for more than 85 years and operates in the consumer goods, personal care and food segments with several leading brands in their relevant markets.

These achievements further consolidate Tegma’s strategy that Integrated Logistics comprises an important growth venue for the company. Long-term contracts like this one with already proven productivity, commitment to sustainability and efficiency are the greatest competitive advantages, generate value for the Company and for customers, and therefore, make the business perennial and resilient. We believe in innovation as a growth pillar and in new technologies that connect us to our customers in a simple and efficient manner

São Bernardo do Campo, June 24, 2020.

Ramón Pérez Arias Filho

CFO and Investor Relations Officer

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