Tegma awarded 2019 General Motors Supplier of the Year

In a virtual ceremony, General Motors announced the winners of the 2019 Supplier of the Year Award, in the 28th edition that recognizes the most innovative partners worldwide. Tegma Gestão Logística was one of the winners. Among other innovations promoted to meet the needs of the automaker, Tegma implemented a vehicle yard management platform (YMS) at the Gravataí unit, which resulted in the expansion of the service capacity and in the improvement of the synergy between allocation of vehicles in parking lot and vehicles withdrawal. Tegma was represented by Lucas Moreira, director of the Vehicle Logistics Division and Elizio Silva, Commercial Executive Manager.

The GM Supplier of the Year award is given to suppliers that stand out for exceeding the automaker’s requirements, offering customers the most innovative technologies and high quality of service for the automotive industry.

Marcos Medeiros, Tegma’s CEO, highlights “I believe that this award confirms that the Company’s policy of developing the best logistics solution to meet the characteristics and needs of customers in the most efficient way is correct. For us, the judgment of our customers is the most valuable and rigorous, because it is based on the results that we provide ”.

Also for Lucas Moreira, the GM award represents an important recognition for Tegma’s ongoing effort to incorporate and develop technological advances to offer customers a service that meets their needs. “In addition to being an honor for Tegma, the award is a great incentive to keep innovation as one of the pillars that support our actions”, highlighted the executive.

Elizio Rodrigues da Silva is also celebrating the award. He points out that “through the yard management platform” it was also possible to improve the accuracy of the information passed on to the customer, “he added.

According to Shilpan Amin, GM’s vice president of Global Purchases and Supply Chain, “our suppliers play a key role in delivering the products, services and experiences that our customers deserve – and these award-winning suppliers have exceeded our expectations.” He added: “We believe that, at this point, it is important to thank our entire supply base for their efforts in recent months to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19”.