Tegma is a Leader in Open-Innovation

Tegma was recognized in the TOP 100 Open Corps as one of the companies that most innovate with startups in Brazil.

Tegma was in 20th place among the 100 selected companies; by sectors, Tegma ranked 1st, as TOP 1 Transport and Logistics, the company in the sector that does most open innovation with startups in the country.

Marcos Medeiros, Tegma’s CEO, celebrates: “We received this classification with great satisfaction and pride. Innovation is part of Tegma’s DNA and, since 2017, with the creation of tegUP, we have also started to involve the ecosystem of startups in our innovation and investment strategy ”.

In 2017, Tegma created tegUP, the startup accelerator and the company’s open innovation and technology division. TegUP seeks startups and transforming companies that offer products, services and innovation related to the universe of digital logistics and transport, presenting a high potential for evolution and that requires support to significantly accelerate their growth.

This is the second year in which Tegma participates in the ranking. Last year, we were in 36th place among the 100 companies with most innovation with startups in Brazil.

About the TOP 100 Open Corps

Since 2018, the TOP 100 Corps ranking highlights, annually, the leading companies in open innovation with startups in Brazil.

The ranking and its categories are built from the collection of primary data, validated by a verification and audit process. In other words, the ranking measures, objectively, the volume and intensity of open innovation relationships established between startups and companies.

Click here to access the full ranking (in portuguese).