Tegma is awarded at 100 Opens Startups for the third consecutive year

The company is among the top five in the Transport and Logistics segment and in the top 100 overall, which evaluated 3,917 companies in all categories

Tegma Gestão Logística was among the top five in the Transport and Logistics segment in the 100 Opens Startups, a ranking that brings together the companies most engaged in open innovation in the country. In addition, it is part of the overall top 100, a list that includes all categories. The survey carried out in the last twelve months evaluated 3,917 companies that have established partnerships with startups and 5,175 startups. The company is among the winners for the third consecutive year.

According to the award’s organizers, “as one of the leading corporations in open innovation with startups, Tegma is a fundamental part of the development of the innovation ecosystem in the country, and its results deserve this recognition”.

For Tegma’s CEO, Marcos Medeiros, “for us, it is a source of great pride and satisfaction to be awarded again. It recognizes the consistency of our actions aimed at innovation and confirms the success of the company in creating tegUP, the first startup accelerator in the logistics segment”. And he adds: “innovation is a commitment rooted in the daily life of our company”.

The position reached reflects Tegma’s engagement with the ecosystem of startups dedicated to the development of tools and solutions aimed at the logistics sector. In 2017, the company created tegUp, a startup accelerator and its open innovation arm. Based on this initiative, a pioneer in the logistics segment, it carries out annual programs to identify transforming technology companies that can meet both its needs and those of its customers.

More datails in https://www.openstartups.net/site/ranking/rankings-categories-corps.html?cat=Top%205%20Transporte%20e%20Log%C3%ADstica%202021

About tegUp

TegUp (www.tegup.com) is a startup accelerator created in 2017 as the open innovation arm of Tegma Gestão Logística. A pioneer in this segment, it seeks startups and transforming technology companies that offer products, services and technology related to the universe of logistics, have high potential for evolution and need some kind of support to drive their growth.