Tegma´s Q2 2017 results

Tegma´s Q2 2017 results

Tegma Gestao Logistica S.A., one of the largest logistic providers in Brazil and the leader in logistics for brand new vehicles in Brazil, hereby presents its Q2 2017 results.


•    The number of vehicles transported in 2Q17 improved in 8% compared to the previous year
•    2Q17 gross revenue growth reflects the improvement in the number of vehicles transported in the period
•    In 2Q17 we had some balance sheet adjustments that positively impacted net income but negatively impacted EBITDA
•    Adjusted EBITDA in 2Q17 was R$ 28.2 million, influenced by better operating results but negatively by non-recurring adjustments
•    Net income in 2Q17 was R$ 24 million, positively impacted by the operation and by non-recurring events
•    Free cash flow in the quarter was R$ 11.3 million
•    Along the 2Q17 Tegma raised R$ 50 million in export credit notes due to two-years, in order to improve the maturity profile of our debts.
•    Tegma approved the distribution of interim dividends amounting R$ 14.75 million on August 4, 2017, representing R$ 0.22 per share and 50% of 1S17 net income
•    TGMA3 quote was R$ 13.80 at June 30th, up 79% in 2017

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